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08 May 2010

Welcome to Renewed in Spirit!


Welcome to Renewed in Spirit!

Renewed in Spirit is back again. We would like to apologize for the long delay. In the middle of 2009, Renewed in Spirit was attacked by malware and was deeply infected with a Trojan horse virus. If anyone was infected by this virus, please accept our apologies. It was unintentional.

In order to allow Renewed in Spirit to be a project focused on its spiritual mission, and so that it would not get bogged down in technical challenges and headaches, it has been decided to move Renewed in Spirit to the Blogger system. Blogger is now a part of Google and allows us to continue to do the things we want to do with Renewed in Spirit: allow for many authors, to have different sections, and to facilitate your comments.

As part of Blogger we get many other advantages. You may now comment with your Blogger account-- there is no special system for Renewed in Spirit anymore. You also have the capability of directly posting content to Facebook or Twitter. We hope and expect that the Blogger system will meet our needs and will allow us to focus on encouraging and building you up spiritually. We will also be re-publishing all previous articles onto this platform of Renewed in Spirit.

As Renewed in Spirit gets restarted in its third permutation we are going to shift our priorities just a little bit. As always, it is our purpose to strengthen you and build you up in your faith through well-written, thought-provoking, and faith-affirming articles and conversations. Nevertheless, with RIS 3.0, we intend to focus specifically on material that is more "meaty," emphasizing and addressing more mature aspects to the faith-- things you may not necessarily get from material designed for more basic or fundamental purposes.

This is not an attempt to reject the value of material that addresses the more basic and fundamental elements of the faith, or to presume that such is unnecessary. Instead, we recognize that there are many other venues out there for posting and discussion regarding the basic elements of the faith, and a comparable lack of venues to address material of greater depth and which requires a bit better understanding of the faith and more spiritual maturity.

Welcome back. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know!

Ethan R. Longhenry

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