...and that ye be renewed in the spirit of your mind (Ephesians 4:23).

An online interactive spiritual publication for the strengthening and building up of the Kingdom.


General Disclaimer

Renewed in Spirit is an interactive online spiritual publication edited by Ethan R. Longhenry.  Renewed in Spirit is not incorporated and is not a foundation in any way, shape, or form, and none of us receive any form of financial compensation for any activities involved with Renewed in Spirit

Renewed in Spirit is designed to present a forum for discussion of spiritual matters.  Renewed in Spirit is not a church nor is an outreach of a local church.  Renewed in Spirit makes no pretensions of establishing doctrine or any such thing.

Article Disclaimer

Renewed in Spirit presents articles written by many brethren by invitation and submission.  Publication of an author in Renewed in Spirit does not require that the editors, staff, and other participants in Renewed in Spirit agree with the author on all points of doctrine and practice.  Furthermore, while the editors of Renewed in Spirit make determinations as to whether articles will be published, we reserve the right to publish articles having material with which we personally disagree for the purposes of discussion on the subject matter.  The editors and staff of Renewed in Spirit are not to be held as believing anything simply because the idea was presented in an article within Renewed in Spirit.  The author and any who proclaim assent to the author's idea(s) are all who are responsible. 

Discussion Disclaimer

Renewed in Spirit invites and encourages discussion on articles published.  Discussion, by its very nature, often involves disagreement on many matters.  The editors of Renewed in Spirit moderate discussion on the basis of civility alone.  The editors and staff of Renewed in Spirit are not to be held as believing anything simply because it was posted by someone in a discussion.  Ideas presented in discussion are only to be assigned to those who present the ideas or those who agree with them.

Re-publication Disclaimer

All material presented in Renewed in Spirit, whether in an article or in discussion, are the property of the authors of that material and Renewed in Spirit.

If anyone desires to republish an article presented in Renewed in Spirit, one must first receive express written approval by both the author of the material and Renewed in Spirit

Under no circumstances will re-publication of any part of any discussion on the articles in Renewed in Spirit be allowed.  If you desire to cite a person's belief, we expect you to first discuss said belief with that person and let your purposes be known to that person.  Renewed in Spirit will not be a willing party in brethren "writing one another up" for whatever reason. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Ethan R. Longhenry
Editor, Renewed in Spirit